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Hips liposuction

Hips liposuction in Turkey

Hips Liposuction in Turkey is a cosmetic procedure that allows you to reshape the contours of your waistline during an all-inclusive medical stay in Turkey. This intervention removes the excess fat from the hips and from the flanks.
Indeed, the accumulation of fat on the hips, commonly known as "love handles" is an imperfection that makes the silhouette unpleasant to the eye despite the "romantic" nickname it has been given.
Removing the excess fat from the hips through diet and physical activities is a rather difficult task, but with hips liposuction, the problem can be solved.


Hips Liposuction : The preoperative consultation

A preoperative consultation with the surgeon and the anaesthesiologist allows to be informed about the patient's general state of health, to speak with him about his or her weight variations, whether she was pregnant or not, the presence of particular abdominal pain, the reasons of wanting to do this intervention and the main motivations as well as his medical background, the anaesthesia and the surgical procedure.

The surgeon must also evaluate if the patient can really solve his problem with liposuction and if he will be able to follow all the prescriptions following this procedure.

The ideal candidate for the hips liposuction must be in a good health. The patients who suffer from vascular, metabolic or cardiopathic problems, or those who suffer from an excessive sagging of the skin are not considered ideal candidates.

Hips liposuction can be associated with thigh liposuction, belly liposuction...


In addition, the patient should have reasonable expectations of the results of the hips liposuction and should be aware of the possibilities and the limits of this procedure.

All of these rules do not only apply to hips liposuction, but also to other parts of the body. The surgeon must always know everything about the patient he is dealing with in order to avoid negative psychological consequences.

Hips liposuction : How is it performed ?


Two solutions are possible: the classical liposuction or the laser lipolysis. For the first solution, the surgeon uses very fine cannulas to extract the excess fat from the flanks and the hips. He follows the same steps for the destruction and the extraction of the adipocytes located at the hips. The surgeon may associate other areas such as the navel area. He makes crossings at the level of the deep planes to avoid the irregularities and thus to have a homogeneous result.
After delimiting the areas to be treated, the surgeon aspirates the excess fat. There will be mini incisions of 3 to 4 mm and will only require an absorbable thread to suture them.
For the second solution, it is a soft liposuction which consists of destroying the adipocytes by the effect of the laser. The hips liposuction realized with the Lipolaser system method is performed under local anaesthesia combined with a mild sedation.

The price

If you want to obtain hips liposuction price Turkey, ask for a free online quote or contact us by phone to get more information about this technique.

Hips Liposuction Turkey : The postoperative phases

When leaving the clinic and after hips liposuction in Turkey, the patient must wear a compression girdle to facilitate skin retraction and to limit oedema. This support garment must be worn day and night for more than 2 weeks.

It is advisable to avoid practicing sports and carrying heavy loads during the first month.

Hips liposuction Turkey : The results

Hips liposuction is an effective solution to eliminate the excess fat from this part of the body that can be resistant to sport and diet.

The result of hips liposuction realized in Turkey will be visible from the 6th week after the procedure. But the final result will be appreciated after 3 to 6 months.

The results of the hips liposuction through laser can be very effective and visible after only one session as the laser liposuction procedure removes the localized adipocytes preventing them from reappearing in the same area.

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