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Buttock liposuction

Buttock liposuction in Turkey

Buttock liposuction in Turkey is a plastic surgery performed as a part of an all-inclusive medical stay. It allows to reshape the buttocks by removing excess fat located in the gluteal area.
As with the breast, the morphology of the buttocks is not only an aesthetic value, but it is particularly evocative of sexuality and sensuality.
Firm, rounded and correctly high and protruding buttocks... these are the main characteristics that a woman wants for her buttocks, but, even if these conditions exist naturally, they can deteriorate over time and with the adoption of lifestyles that can damage the shape of the buttocks. Thus, this part of the body which is a source of pride, becomes a cause of frustration and discomfort.


What are the most common liposuction procedures ?

The most common liposuction procedures consist of removing the excess fat located in these different parts of the body :

  • The hips and the buttocks

  • The inner and the outer thighs

  • Inside the knees

  • The legs and the ankles

  • The abdomen, the arms and the neck

The ability of the skin to retract and then to readjust after a liposuction varies from one person to another and must be carefully evaluated by the surgeon and discussed with the patient before the procedure.


What is buttock liposuction ?

Liposuction in Turkey is performed using very fine cannulas that are introduced into the skin through very small incisions of a few millimetres, practically invisible after healing.

Generally, liposuction requires hospitalization. The decision is made by the surgeon according to the type and to the duration of the procedure.

Buttock liposuction in Turkey: how is it performed ?


The patient will need a preoperative interview to establish with the anaesthesiologist and the surgeon the details of her buttock liposuction realized in Turkey. During this interview, she should speak about her medical history, her goals and her expectations.
The medicines containing acetylsalicylic acid must be avoided ten days before the procedure.
Buttock liposuction requires general anaesthesia. However, the intervention can be performed under pure local anaesthesia or under local anaesthesia with sedation. The choice is related to the amount of fat tissue to be removed and to the number of body areas to be treated in combination with buttock liposuction in Turkey such as thigh liposuction or arm liposuction...
The surgeon proceeds with targeted aspiration of the panniculus (liposuction) through an aspirator connected to micro-cannulas with an induced peripheral vasoconstriction which greatly limits bleeding without the need to infiltrate the area with substances.

The cost

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Buttock liposuction: The postoperative phases

The patient must wear a compression girdle after buttock liposuction in Turkey, it must be maintained for about four weeks.
The pain is usually minimal and well controlled thanks to pain medications.
The bruises usually disappear within two weeks.
It is advisable to avoid sitting for a while.

Buttock liposuction in Turkey: the results

The result of buttock liposuction performed in Turkey begins to be visible after a period of two or three months which is the time required for the swelling to disappear and for the skin to retract.

The results, in terms of the shape and of the profile of the buttocks should be considered stable, but it is clear that significant weight variations can alter the overall aesthetic appearance.

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