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Your body liposuction in Turkey with Aram Clinic

Why Aram Clinic ?


A peaceful stay in Turkey to sculpt your body

Aram Clinic guarantees you a medical stay in the best conditions for a successful liposuction in Turkey thanks to the treatments provided by surgeons who are experts in the field and a team of experienced nurses. The stay in Turkey with Aram Clinic is organized by medical assistants who are used to working in the medical tourism sector. They have the required skills to manage patients who travel outside their territory for surgery.


Aram Clinic's guarantees for a successful medical stay in Turkey

Human qualities, language skills, empathy and organization orchestrated down to the last millimetre are the watchwords of our medical-aesthetic center dedicated to liposuction. Patients are accommodated in 5-star hotels of the highest standard and in a clinic worthy of the largest hospital structures in Europe and even better. Indeed, Turkey is known for its hospital structures and clinics that have the latest technology equipment capable of successfully performing any type of cosmetic surgery of the silhouette.


Competitive prices for a complete or partial liposuction

The prices of the various fat removal procedures in Turkey are all inclusive and include ancillary treatments such as lymphatic drainage. Our aesthetic clinic based in Istanbul can meet all your needs in order to ensure your hospitalization and surgery in optimal comfort.

Free quote for your liposuction stay in Turkey

With professionalism and transparency, Aram Clinic offers its patients who come from all over the world a free and detailed quote from the first contact. We therefore invite you to fill in the online form to obtain a price estimate for your medical stay in Turkey.

Areas of the body concerned by liposuction

The liposuction that you will undergo during a medical stay in Turkey concerns several parts of the silhouette. Whether you are a woman or a man, you will find what you are looking for with Aram Clinic.

Complete liposuction

It is an effective solution for sculpting the body and getting rid of adipocytes that are resistant to slimming diets.

Belly liposuction

This procedure helps you to have a flat and firm tummy especially when it is followed by an abdominoplasty.

Thigh liposuction

The removal of fat from the inner thighs is always associated with a thigh lift for a better result.

Arm liposuction

This restorative surgery allows for more curved arms by removing subcutaneous fat tissue.

Buttock liposuction

This procedure aims at reshaping the contours of the buttocks by removing the undesirable fat.

Hip liposuction

This intervention is very common, it consists in sculpting the legs and making them in harmony with the rest of the body.

Our patients’ testimonials

I had a liposuction with Aram Clinic eight months ago. It was a quick surgery with a painless recovery. I want to thank the surgeon who transformed my body and remodeled it nicely. Many thanks.

Jennifer Wilson

Everything is excellent! An exceptional surgeon who is passionate, competent and who knows how to listen and support his patients. 6 months ago, I was in Turkey with Aram Clinic for a liposuction. A very high quality service. I was very well surrounded from my arrival at the airport until the end of my medical stay.

Mary Martin

During my stay in Turkey, I took advantage of a complete lipo to get rid of 5 liters of fat. The choice of Aram Clinic was not random. Indeed, its reputation and seriousness encouraged me to contact it. And frankly, I am not disappointed with its services.

Angela Brown

It s a very clean clinic, very comfortable room and competent surgeon. My buttock liposuction in Turkey went well. I was able to see the results from the 2nd postoperative week.

Sara Jones

I had a very nice stay with Aram Clinic, I did a belly liposuction and now after one month of the procedure, the oedemas disappeared thanks to the lymphatic drainage and the professionalism of the plastic surgeon.

Emma Davis


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